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Shain & Young General Merchandise :  This is a replica of the original 1907 store built on the original foundation rocks. It was built by the playwright, Honus Shain, who was the great grandson of the original owner.

PINE KNOB DINER: Our 50s Diner  features not only the 50s style burgers and frys, but we also serve full meals including Sirloin Steak, Turkey and Dressing, The famous Manhattan, Pot Roast, and finish off with a real "Milk Shake", "Soda", or Keylime Pie.  The diner has the 50s look complete with Neon, Juke Box, Pinball Machine, and more.  Built in 1987 when it was added to the birthplace of Honus Shain.


The Pine Knob Primitive Baptist Church

Although there is no Church organized in the community today, the old Church house still stands.  It is about 120 years old. The exact date of construction is not known. The Primitive Baptist organized in the Pine Knob Community in 1830. The Church is open year round to the public and  is now used as a wedding chapel.

The Pine Knob School

This school built in 1925 has 4 classrooms, a partial basement to house the furnace, and a stage for performing.   The school is not open at present to the public, but it can be viewed from outside. The building is original and is used for the Theatre rehearsals and storage. The last public school was held here in 1959-60.

The Stinson House

The old Stinson House was moved to the Theatre site from about a mile up the road. This house built around 1860 is one of the oldest homes that still exist in Pine Knob today. Located next to the Theatre Box Office, this building is now occupied as a Museum and is open each night of the shows.

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